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Social Integration Program

Social Integration Program (SIP) of GIFT University upholds the mission as evident from the statement:

“To emphasize the value of service with others, rather than the commonly accepted concept of service to others. The program aims to create a "better community".

Social Integration Program (SIP) is an outreach program with a core objective to instill the spirit of social and social welfare in the students, so that the graduates not only become good professionals but also good human beings as well. The students are encouraged to help and support the deprived and less privileged members of the society.

On the Vision “From the Community-to the Community” the goal of the programme is to “build vibrant communities that are creative, innovative, inclusive and self-reliant; where participation in community life is enabled and encouraged” By involving students in the participatory community development processes we help them to educate for excellence in social work practice.

The program evolves as a platform where faith and action, service and learning, research and resolve intersect. This is 3 credit hours program. The students are sent to various community services organizations of the region to experience hands-on knowledge and skills in the social services and social learning. The students not only learn about organizational diversity, dynamics, culture, opportunities but more importantly understand the role they are responsible to perform in these organizations to execute social services initiatives. Every student has to spend 144 hours with the organization and we ensure that this cycle is sustainable throughout the year.

GIFT University’s Social Integration Program (SIP) Office signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rescue 1122. The collaboration between the two organizations will work together towards the betterment of society. Students of GIFT are already engaged with Rescue 1122 through the SIP Office, where they take first aid training, learning to become first responders in case of emergency.

It is an immense pleasure to announce that Social Integration Program, GIFT University has successfully signed MOU with WWF. The basic purpose of signing MOU is to promote students' engagement in fruitful activities to raise voice against the crucial social issues. SIP and WWF are together working for Eco-friendly Environment, Animal Protection, Food Distribution, Water Reservation, Plantation and many other activities.


Save the life!

GIFT University took an initiative of practicing and teaching Rescue skills under SOCIAL INTEGRATION PROGRAM (SIP) in collaboration with Rescue 1122. This fruitful session resulted in learning and practicing life-saving skills like CRP, emergency moves, fire-extinguishing exercises and flood mock activities during hazardous situations such as accidents, flood, and combustion at different diagnostic centers, grid stations and educational institutions.


Bleed Green, Keep Green!

Students of GIFT University participated as organizers in Plant Exhibition at Gulshn-e-Iqbal Park, Gujranwala conducted by government crew. They planted plants at different targeted areas where Chairman PHA S.A. Hameed took an initiative of Plantation. Students were found in promoting door – to – door awareness campaign of plantation and keeping environment clean.


One Drop, One Life!

GIFT Blood Donor Society (GBDS) is working efficiently in arranging free blood testing camps and keeping records of blood groups to provide services to the needy recipient at the time of emergency. In addition, they registered 600 more blood donors in record. Moreover Fatima Jinnah Professional Forum also conducted sessions on maintaining and planning healthy diet plans and lifestyles.


Starvation Threatens!

Students of GIFT University under Social integration program collaborated with different sponsors and distributed food and food ration among deserving people. The journey started and in 2018 and still continues with a vision of not letting people starve to death.



Under Social Integration Program (SIP) GIFT University, students served DHQ Hospital Gujranwala surveying the female ward and children ward. They helped patients in different wards by performing certain medical activities.


Under the Social Integration Program (SIP), students of GIFT University took an initiative to help society grow better. They put selfless efforts by donating wheelchairs with the help of Sponsors for patients in DHQ, Gujranwala as a kind gesture.


Putting untiring efforts in promoting free education for all, students under the Social Integration Program are working efficiently at different forums. They are investing their best in promoting education through Street Schools at Slums and by conducting Awareness Programs at different Schools.

Ms. Mariam Sohail

Manager Student Development Center

Master’s in Education, Punjab University

Mr. Waleed Sohail

Senior Executive, Social Integration Program

MPhil. Management Sciences
MBA (Finance) GIFT University

Mehboob Alam

Assistant, Social Integration Program

BS (Hons) Software Engineering, GIFT University


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