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Students Facilitation Center


Students Facilitation Center

GIFT University - the only chartered university of region Gujranwala is established with the vision to bring about a visible change in the society through quality education and also to become a leading educational institute of the region. 

GIFT University with a mission to provide international standard education facilitates its student mass with advance academic and technological facilities, internationally experienced faculty, and best infrastructure to ensure the quality of education for the future young professionals of this region.

GIFT University aims to facilitate its students at every level. Our Online Services System is easily accessible to students through their Times Portal ID ( to get notifications about academic events, important dates and functions. 

Students Facilitation Centre (SFC) aims to help the students in their academic issues during their stay at GIFT University. It also deals with the new admission enquiries and gives them orientation about the university, its programs, and facilities and guide them about the process of admission at GIFT University. 

Moreover, GIFT University runs a separate specialised department - Tele Marketing Centre (TMC) aims to provide online admission service and follow-up of queries. Students can get information about any program, the university and services from Facebook, Instagram and GIFT University website- Live Chat.



Online Students Services Application


Student Facilitation Centre (SFC) provides the following online services: 


  1. 1. General Application: This application is used to entertain general issues other than the applications available on the students Times Portal.

  2. 2. Certificates Application: It is used to give the required certificate to qualified students, for example, character certificate, equivalence, etc.

  3. 3. Makeup Exam Application: This application is designed for a student to reappear in the Mid/Final exams missed due to genuine reason. A student must apply within seven days for the makeup exam.

  4. 4. Short Attendance Application: A student uses this application to resolve their short attendance issue according to the university attendance policy.

  5. 5. Fine Waiver Application: A student holding a valid reason uses this application for the remittance of fine from their fee.

  6. 6. Semester Freeze Application: A student can easily apply to freeze the current semester in case of employment, financial problems, etc.

  7. 7. Clearance Application: 

    1. This application fulfils two purposes:
      i. Provides clearance when a student wants to leave the university during studies. 
      ii. Provides clearance to a student on completion of his/her degree.

  8. 8. Degree Issuance Application: This application facilitates the student to get an original degree only if they qualify.

  9. 9. Duplicate ID Card Application: A student can apply to get a duplicate id card in case of lost/missing student card.

  10. 10. Change of Discipline Application: This application allows a student to request a change of current degree program to any other discipline according to the eligibility criteria.

  11. 11.  Authority Letter Application:  A student uses this application to take permission for an off-campus visit in case of the project, social internship or a solid reason.

  12. 12.  Particular Change Application: A student uses this application to update their personal information for example name, address, contact information, mailing address, etc.

  13. 13. Early Departure Permission Application: The student uses this application to take permission for an early departure in case of sickness, personal tasks, picnic, late lecture, and others etc. Mostly female students use this application.

  14. 14. Result Review Application: A student uses this application to review the result after the final exams.

  15. 15. Transcript Issuance Application: A student uses this application to get a complete or incomplete transcript depending upon degree completion. A student may get a transcript by hand or courier.

  16. 16. Course Add & Drop Application:  A student may use this application to add and drop courses.

  17. 17. Umrah Leave Application: A student may apply through this application to take permission for Umrah Leave.

  18. 18.  Fee Instalment Application: University always aims to facilitate its students to pay their fees in the instalments. Students use this application to apply for fee instalment in case of financial problem.