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Life at GIFT

Learning is not just about reading books, it is also about engaging in activities that bring out the creative side of students. Extracurricular activities are regularly held on campus and these activities come to life with the active support of students and participants. These include sports, drama, debates, public speaking, music, recreation trips poetry and special interest clubs. These extracurricular activities help the students express their creative side.


A healthy mind needs a healthy body. The students societies are actively involved in promoting and conducting a variety of events. The University has employed a Sports Officer besides the heads of each socieity who helps the students in developing and refining their talent. GIFT students have participated in various national and international events and earned laurels for the University. An annual sports gala is also organized by the society every year. The gala features a number of contests and sports including cricket, badminton, table tennis, tug-of-war and more.

Following is the list of GIFT Students Societies:

National Media Forum (NMF)
Organized By: Mr.Waqas Mehmood

Society of Islamic Thought and Culture (SITC)
Organized By: Dr. Mustafeez Alvi

Open Forum of Psychology (OFP)
Organized By: Dr.Ummelaila

Society of Finance & Accounting Scholars (SFAS)
Organized By: Mr. Qasim Mir

Young Economists Society (YES)
Organized By: Mr. Kashif Saeed

Management Scholars Forum (MSF)
Organized By: Mr. Tahir Nawaz

Young Computer Professionals Society (YCPS)
Organized By: Mr.Junaid Malik

GIFT Engineering and Technology Society (GETS)
Organized By: Mr. Muneeb Abrar

English Scholastic Society (ESS)
Organized By: Dr.Tamoor Kayani

Society of Home Economics Skills (SHES)
Organized By: Madam Hajra`

Texpreneurs PK
Organized By: Mr. Fawwad Noori , Mr. Adnan Arshad

Center for Oriental Cultures and Arts (COCA)
Organized By: Dr. Ghulam Abbas

Sports Society GIFT (SSG)
Organized By: Mr.Hafiz Imtiaz

GIFT event management Society (GEMS)
Organized By: Mr.Ahmad Mujtaba ,Mr.Hassan Jabbar

GIFT Character Building Society (GCBS)
Organized By: Madam Fouzia

Debating and Public speaking Society (DPSS)
Organized By: Dr.Babar Jameel

Social Entrepreneurship Development Center (SEDC)
Organized By: Miss Talia

Enterprise and Leadership Development Center (ELDC)
Organized By: Mr.Tahir Hussain


The Event Management Committee (EMC) plays an important role in organizing and managing special events. Students and staff members sit together to develop comprehensive plans with regards to events. Every event is planned from start to end and conducted with utmost professionalism. A number of successful events have recently been conducted by the EMC including fun fairs, software competition, debates, exhibitions and poetry competitions. Besides these, the EMC is always on the lookout for new ways of keeping students engaged in healthy indoor and outdoor activities.

There is much to be learnt from the outdoors with regards to our heritage, culture, tradition and technology. Recreational and industrial visits significantly enhance the students’ understanding of the world around them and give them a first-hand glimpse of places of historic interest, industries and recreation spots.

GIFT University believes in providing education in the holistic sense, grooming students not only to absorb knowledge, but also to apply their learning for self-expression, problem-solving and innovation. Credence Contest introduced by GIFT University enters its third year. It gives the regional teams a bigger platform to horn and display their skills further through exposure to a wider audience. A total of ten competitions were held, namely, Speech Competition, Quiz Competition, Qiraat Competition, Web-Designing Competition, Sports Competition, Design Competition, Cooking Competition, Leadership Challenges, Still Photography Competition, Essay Writing Competition in which thousands of students from 150 plus cities participated enthusiastically. The position holders were awarded handsome cash prizes along with certificates of distinction.

To be a professional you need to train like a professional and to train like a professional you need professional facilities. By keeping this logical order in mind, we’ve developed our facilities to provide you with an environment closest to the professional world. Being up- to-date with technology and being a step ahead when it comes to accessing technology is of key importance to us. Each of our Schools is equipped with purpose-built facilities that best serve the programmes they offer. Below are some of the features that explain how we provide you with a modern professional environment at GIFT:


Advanced Lecture Theatres

Starting with your lectures, GIFT University uses modern day teaching aids to make the learning experience more interactive and rewarding. For example, our tutors will often browse online for the latest information during their lectures so that what one learns is not just confined to the books. Our lecture theatres are designed to be comfortable and resourceful with whiteboards, projection screens, microphones, video projectors and Internet being readily available.


IT and Computing Facilities

We regularly update our systems to keep abreast of changing technology so that students and staff can access information faster and more efficiently. The campus is equipped with seven computer labs outfitted with the latest computers. Facilities available include high speed Internet, email, file storage space, library databases and high-quality printing services. The presence of wireless networks on campus enable students to stay connected to information services whether they are in one place or on the go.


Resourceful Library

An ever expanding library gives student’s access to reading material other than course books. This includes books on a variety of subjects from the leading international authors, journals, case studies and research publications that helps students tap into a wealth of knowledge.


Digital Library

In addition to the traditional library, our digital library helps keep students connected with the most up-to-date journals and helps them conduct better research. With over 26,000 digital books, numerous case studies, journals and academic videos, the digital library is very useful for the tech savvy generation.


Student Information System on Mobile App

In our efforts to be the most technologically advanced University in Pakistan we have become the first University to introduce Android and IOS-based Mobile App providing:

1. Ease of access to parents and students

2. Semester registration through mobile phone

3. Accessibility of records like attendance, results, fee statement, timetable, date sheets for parents and students

4. Quick notification about events, important dates and functions

5. Quick availability of information about the offered programmes, scholarships, facilities, resources and faculty etc.


Below are some of our additional facilities that support us in our efforts to provide a conducive and professional environment to our students:



The cafeteria is a hotspot that attracts students as well as faculty members. It’s the place to go when you want to unwind, relax with friends, share the latest gossip and enjoy quality snacks. The quality of food served in the cafeteria is strictly monitored to ensure that it conforms to quality and hygiene standards.


Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is a great place for gatherings of up to 125 people. It stays active throughout the year hosting seminars, small events, conferences and other curricular and extra-curricular activities. The hall is equipped with modern audio-visual aids including multimedia projector, projection screen and voice transmission and recording facilities.


Discussion Rooms

Teamwork is greatly emphasized at GIFT and is a major component of various subjects. Students have to work on various assignments and projects as a team. The University therefore actively supports and facilitates group discussions. Several discussion rooms are available on campus to help students put their heads together and engage one another in discussions.


Spacious Accommodation for Students

GIFT University has made adequate arrangements for the benefit of students coming from other cities. The University has separate hostels for boys and girls that are equipped with modern facilities such as laundry rooms, kitchens, TV lounges, dining facilities and common rooms.


Common Room for Girls

The girls’ common room is a private space reserved for female students. The warm and cosy environment of the common room gives them the perfect setting to engage in small talk or just take a break from lectures.


Resource Centre

The resource centre aims to be a one stop shop where students and staff alike can avail all kinds of additional facilities and study resources. The Resource Centre is a great place to get textbooks, stationery items, photocopy facilities, computer accessories, GIFT souvenirs, book binding services and other everyday items.


Spacious Mosque

A mosque is available on campus to cater to the religious obligations of students and staff alike. Prayers are regularly offered five times a day under the supervision of an Imam.


Transportation Facilities

For the convenience of students and staff, GIFT University has a fleet of air-conditioned buses that operate on different routes in Gujranwala and within its surrounding cities. The buses provide safe and secure transportation facility and follow strict schedules to ensure timely pick and drop services.


Power House

GIFT University has invested heavily in a backup system to avoid any power breakdowns by installing our own power house that ensures uninterrupted supply of power 24 hours a day.



For the convenience of both faculty and students an ATM machine is available within the GIFT University Campus.


Centrally Air-Conditioned Campus

Our campus is centrally air-conditioned to beat Gujranwala’s heat and help our students learn in a comfortable environment.


Student’s Corner

Student’s corner is a unique project of its kind. Students learn from real life business challenges during their education. The project is conceived to give students confidence and the courage to become further business leaders.


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