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Life at GIFT

Learning is not just about reading books, it is also about engaging in activities that bring out the creative side of students. Extracurricular activities are regularly held on campus and these activities come to life with the active support of students and participants. These include sports, drama, debates, public speaking, music, recreation trips poetry and special interest clubs. These extracurricular activities help the students express their creative side.

Students Societies

Event Management of Campus Events (Fun Fairs, Seminars, Conferences, Special Programs)

The Event Management Committee (EMC) plays an important role in organizing and managing special events. Students and staff members sit together to develop comprehensive plans with regards to events. Every event is planned from start to end and conducted with utmost professionalism. A number of successful events have recently been conducted by the EMC including fun fairs, software competition, debates, exhibitions and poetry competitions. Besides these, the EMC is always on the lookout for new ways of keeping students engaged in healthy indoor and outdoor activities.

Recreational and industrial trips

There is much to be learnt from the outdoors with regards to our heritage, culture, tradition and technology. Recreational and industrial visits significantly enhance the students’ understanding of the world around them and give them a first-hand glimpse of places of historic interest, industries and recreation spots.

Credence Contests

GIFT University believes in providing education in the holistic sense, grooming students not only to absorb knowledge, but also to apply their learning for self-expression, problem-solving and innovation. Credence Contest introduced by GIFT University enters its third year. It gives the regional teams a bigger platform to horn and display their skills further through exposure to a wider audience. A total of ten competitions were held, namely, Speech Competition, Quiz Competition, Qiraat Competition, Web-Designing Competition, Sports Competition, Design Competition, Cooking Competition, Leadership Challenges, Still Photography Competition, Essay Writing Competition in which thousands of students from 150 plus cities participated enthusiastically. The position holders were awarded handsome cash prizes along with certificates of distinction.

Study and Work Facilities

To be a professional you need to train like a professional and to train like a professional you need professional facilities. By keeping this logical order in mind, we’ve developed our facilities to provide you with an environment closest to the professional world. Being up- to-date with technology and being a step ahead when it comes to accessing technology is of key importance to us. Each of our Schools is equipped with purpose-built facilities that best serve the programmes they offer.