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About Us

GIFT University was established in 2002 with the vision to bring about a visible change in the society by offering quality education to the youth of the Gujranwala division and also to become a leading educational institute of the region. Looking back at the year 2002 we see no university between Lahore and Islamabad region which can educate the young souls and prepare them to play their meaningful role in the development and progress of the industry. GIFT university takes pride to be the first university in the region and is now the BEST University of this region with W4 ranking and recognition from HEC. GIFT University also takes pride to be the only chartered university of Gujranwala.

Gujranwala division is one of the major industrial hubs of Pakistan which requires talented and professionally trained human resources to meet the challenges and expectations of modern world consumers. GIFT University maintains a close liaison with the industry including the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gujranwala Business Center, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SMEDA, NPO and a number of other organizations. By actively engaging with the industry, GIFT University CRD (Corporate Relations Department) aids students in enlisting for internships or getting job placements to get practical experience.

GIFT University with a mission to provide international standard education to the youth of this region has provided modern world facilities, internationally experienced faculty, and best infrastructure to ensure the quality of education for the youth and young professionals of this region.

Who are we?

We are Gujranwala’s premium university offering a variety of Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Degree Programmes- that pretty much sums up who we are but that’s just where the story starts.

What do we do?

Our purpose to exist is what describes us in totality. It is to help young professionals convert knowledge into practice so that they can add to the society as quality professionals and noble human beings.

How do we do it?

Every programme that we offer makes our professionals not only learn theory but also asks them to practice the theory by making projects or performing other practical activities. The course design for every programme is mixed with practical and up to date information about the respective industry and our teaching style is also designed more like professional training. If you are wondering why we mentioned professionals instead of students in the first sentence then we appreciate your curiosity. Reason being that at GIFT University we consider our students as professionals from day one. We believe any applicant who enrolls with us is about to start his/her professional life and it is our responsibility to value their opinions and ideas as well as train them for success.

The professional world rewards specialization and this is why GIFT University has created Schools for each industry that we deal with. Each of our Schools offer specialized knowledge, facilities and expertise for every programme on offer. There are four Schools at GIFT University which includes School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Fine Arts, Design & Architecture and GIFT Business School. Each of our Schools is equipped with specialized facilities that add practical experience to the programme on offer.

The right mix of practical and theoretical knowledge is what we offer through any of our courses across our Schools. The campus, curriculum, faculty, method of teaching and examination hence every aspect of the University is defined and designed to ensure it is of practical value. Some examples that better explain our focus on practicality include:

  • Having our business professionals work on real business problems faced by real companies (Case Method of Study) so that they know what waits for them in the professional world.
  • Having our Computer Sciences professionals develop projects for various leading companies.
  • Getting our professionals involved with industrial projects.
  • Offering the Professional Development Programme to our students to help them perform better during job interviews.
  • Working in a close relationship with the Chambers of Commerce, NPO, Small Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) and Gujranwala Business Centre- this has not only helped our graduates secure internships but has also helped our Corporate Relationships Department guide our young professionals to better jobs.

In addition to converting knowledge into practice and producing successful professionals we value the talent & academic performance of the students and since 2012, on average 53% of our graduates receive one of our many performance based scholarships on a yearly basis.

At GIFT University we believe that our graduates not only outshine in the professional corporate world but also play their role in the betterment of the community. The Social Integration Program (SIP) initiated at GIFT University is aimed to impart social and ethical values of our culture and religion in the minds of young professionals of the region.

With numerous GIFT alumni placed at leading organizations, nationally and internationally and being awarded the W4 Ranking by HEC, we believe there are many milestones awaiting in the future for us and the people of Pakistan if we do our bit to educate this nation.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


To bring about a change in society by becoming a leading educational and research institution that utilizes the latest technology and provides intellectually stimulating, professionally relevant and progressive and innovative education that is consistent with our national values and is accessible to all.


  • Employ highly qualified faculty with established research credentials
  • Hire competent and professional administrative staff
  • Ensure quality intake of students
  • Utilize the latest technology in teaching, research and administration
  • Provide adequate infrastructure and facilities for teaching and learning
  • Establish linkages with industry and collaborate with national and international institutions
  • Provide state of the art library, computer laboratories and other research resources
  • Develop professionally relevant and updated curricula recognized at national and international levels
  • Create conducive research environment
  • Set up mechanisms and policies to ensure sustainable growth
  • Reinforce ethical and national values
  • Provide scholarships and financial assistance based on need and merit
  • Adopt established and innovative pedagogical practices leading to independent and life-long learning
  • Produce graduates with strong analytical skills
  • Establish support systems for job placement of graduates


The university adheres to and promotes the following core values;

  • Uphold Islamic values of human dignity, equality, social justice, fairness and ethical conduct resulting in an educational institution that provides equal opportunity for all and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, colour, creed or financial status
  • Practice professionalism, transparency and accountability
  • Strive for the highest standards of scholarship
  • Implement consultative decision-making

Chairman's Message

As the Chairman of Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to welcome you to GIFT University. This place is going to be your home for the most important part of your life and you are going to make memories which will last for the rest of your life. Your friendships and associations that are going to be created will be your professional and personal asset. The education that you are going to get here will enhance not only your technical skills but also will mold you into a better human being.

Education at GIFT University is based on three fundamental pillars: Theory, Practice and Ethics. Our goal is to provide you with an enriched learning environment that goes beyond traditional classroom education. We believe in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the study period, equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact.

Muhammad Anwar Dar
Chairman, GIFT University

“Center for Entrepreneurship & Business”, “Center for Experiential Learning” and “Art of Life” Program are flagship creations at GIFT University that would help your transition into an entrepreneur who is not only successful but also understands the meaning of life.   

Thank you for considering GIFT University. We eagerly look forward to serving you and contributing to your personal and professional development. 

Rector's Message

GIFT University is an Emerging Entrepreneurial University in Pakistan, which focuses on technological advancements as the key drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship. GIFT University is working to spearhead the entrepreneurial revolution in Pakistan by promoting environmentally, socially, and ethically sensitive businesses and a nation-building mindset. GIFT University has positioned itself to be an Innovator in curriculum design, pedagogy, future technologies, and alternative management and business models. The University offers lifelong learning opportunities to people of all ages and prepares a new breed of human beings for the gig economy. 

Dr. Shahid Qureshi
Rector, GIFT University

The GIFT University education carries a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, applied research, and hands-on experience with real-world challenges. The curriculum at GIFT University is developed with the motto of “converting knowledge into practical experience”. The applied perspective is reinforced through its center for entrepreneurial development (GIFT-CED), various business incubators, experiential learning, and a thoughtfully designed social interaction program. 

The University is working on preparing well-rounded individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset I.e., finding their best self (concept of Khudi), belief in resource abundance, a sense of purpose (looking beyond profit), sense of wonder (seeing the world through an effective lens) and service. We believe that the application of the entrepreneurial mindset can help the youth in not only new venture creation but also help existing business, private and governmental organizations in terms of problem-solving, introducing innovation, and growth. 

The participants can apply this mindset along with their knowledge in Business, Computer Science, Arts, Mass Communication, Textile, Fashion Design, etc to navigate real-life situations, putting what they learn into practice to make a difference on campus and around the world. At GIFT University, we encourage young and energetic minds to step up to share their innovative business ideas for new startups, SMEs, and large corporations. 

GIFT University provides active support to our students and graduates in international exchanges, admission for higher education in leading foreign universities, and career placements in medium and large corporate organizations.

We look forward to welcoming you to the GIFT University Family to be a part of the nation-building journey.


جہان تازہ کی افکار تازہ سے ہے نمود

کہ سنگ وخشت سے ہوتے نہیں جہاں پیدا

Board of Governors Members

  1. The Chairman-Higher Education Commission, Islamabad
  2. Secretary- (Higher Education Department Government of Punjab)
  3. The Vice-Chancellor, (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
  4. Mr. Muhammad Anwar Dar (Chairman, Board of Governors;GIFT University, Gujranwala)
  5. Prof. Dr. Shahid Qureshi (GIFT Business School; GIFT University, Gujranwala)
  6. Mr. Muhammad Farooq Dar (Director,GIFT University, Gujranwala)
  7. Mr. Mehfooz ur Rehman (Director, GIFT University, Gujranwala)
  8. Mr. Ihsan ul Haq Abbasi (Director,GIFT University, Gujranwala)
  9. Syed Imtiaz Ul Hassan Gillani (Director, GIFT University, Gujranwala)
  10. Mr. Khawaja Zahid Pervaiz (Co Opted Member BoG; GIFT University, Gujranwala)

Academic Council Members

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Prof. Dr. Shahid Qureshi Rector, GIFT University, Gujranwala
2. Mr. Muhammad Anwar Dar Chairman, Board of Governors GIFT University, Gujranwala
3. Director Academics Higher Education Commission Pakistan
4. Nominee of Secretary Higher Education Department
5. Dr. Shaukat Ali Brah Management Consultant and Founding Rector KSBL
6. Dr. Shafey Shamial Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, LUMS Lahore
7. Prof. Dr. Naveed A. Malik Ex-Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan & Advisor, knowledge Streams Pvt.Ltd
8. Dr. Asir Ajmal Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
9. Dr. Ameer Abdul Basit Dean, GIFT Business School GIFT University, Gujranwala
10. Dr. Muhammad Ziad Nayyar Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
11. Dr. Fakhar Ul Islam Lodhi Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
12. Dr. Qaiser Shehryar Durrani Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
13. Dr. Habib Ahmad  Professor, Department of Computer Science, GIFT University, Gujranwala
14. Dr. Iqbal Gondal Professor, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences,  GIFT University, Gujranwala
15. Dr Ali Asghar Chishti Professor, Department of Islamic Studies GIFT University, Gujranwala
16. Dr. Ghulam Ali Khan Professor, Department of Islamic Studies GIFT University, Gujranwala
17. Dr. Ghulam Yousuf Professor, Department of Islamic Studies GIFT University, Gujranwala
18. Dr. Hafiz Mahmood Akhtar Professor, Department of Islamic Studies GIFT University, Gujranwala
19. Dr. Tassadaq Hussain Associate Professor, Department of Mass Communication, GIFT University, Gujranwala
20. Dr. Taimour Kiyani Assistant Professor, Department of English, GIFT University, Gujranwala
21. Dr. Waseem Khalid Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences,GIFT University, Gujranwala
22. Dr. Ajmal Khan HOD, Department of English, GIFT University, Gujranwala
23. Dr. Muhammad Faheem HOD, Department of Computer Science GIFT University, Gujranwala
24. Dr. Umme-e Laila HoD, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
25. Dr. Aqeel Aslam HOD, Department of Electrical Engineering GIFT University, Gujranwala
26. Dr. Zaheer Abbas HOD, Department of Business & Commerce GIFT University, Gujranwala
27. Dr. Qasim Saleem HoD, Department of Management Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
28. Dr. Hussnain Sethi HOD, Department of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, GIFT University, Gujranwala,
29. Dr. Muhammad Ammar Khan Nasir  HOD, Department of Islamic Studies GIFT University, Gujranwala 
30. Dr. Nameeqa Firdous Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, GIFT University, Gujranwala
31. Mr. Faisal Munir  Assistant Professor, Department of Business & Commerce & Director Academics GIFT University, Gujranwala 
32. Ms. Haira Iman Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, GIFT University, Gujranwala
33. Mr. Qasim Nasim Mir Lecturer, Department of Business and Commerce, GIFT University, Gujranwala
34. Mr. Awais Umar Nawaz Director, QEC, GIFT University, Gujranwala
35. Mr. Waseem Ullah Dar Registrar, GIFT University, Gujranwala