Study and Work Facilities | GIFT University

Study and Work Facilities

GIFT University strives hard to ensure that our students get the best education along with grooming and overall personal development. We seek to create an atmosphere that is stimulating and enriching and gives our students the confidence to lead in their choice of career path. GIFT University also focuses on extracurricular activities to give students the chance to express themselves creatively and display individual talent.

The faculty is extremely supportive and it gives students ample room to express themselves and share their thoughts. We have an open door policy and any student can meet the faculty to express their suggestions or concerns privately. GIFT University goes to great lengths to ensure that our students enjoy the learning experience and gain the confidence to become true assets for their respective organizations in their future roles as employees.


Modern Facilities

Higher education places high demands on institutions to impart a quality of learning that not only relies on traditional methods but employs modern up-to-date techniques. GIFT University was envisioned to be one of the leading and premier educational institutes in the country and thus it leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the quality of learning facilities is not compromised.


Separate Girls Block (only for Females)

GIFT University is the only university in the region which has a separate girls block only for female students. So the female students who do not want to study in co-education system now has the opportunity in the form of GIFT Girls Block which is a separate block and is only dedicated for female students.


New Common Room for Girls

The common rooms located at main block are a private space reserved for female students. The warm and cozy environs of the common room give girls the perfect setting to engage in small talk or just take a break from lectures.

A state-of-the-art and most spacious new Girls Common Room in Pakistan is being constructed at GIFT University due to the growing population of female students.


Salient Features of New Girls Common Room:

  • Peaceful prayer room with wazoo khana
  • Technology driven smart photocopy and printing facility
  • Cozy coffee shop
  • Elegant dressing room
  • Comfortable service area
  • Comprehensive book shop
  • Wi-Fi and web browsing point
  • Air conditioned halls
  • Huddle room
  • Comfortable sitting area
  • Hall for indoor games



IT and Computing Facilities

We regularly update our systems to keep abreast of changing technology so that students and staff can access information faster and more efficiently. The campus is equipped with seven computer labs outfitted with the latest computers. Facilities available include high speed Internet, email, file storage space, library databases and high-quality printing services. The presence of wireless networks on campus enable students to stay connected to information services whether they are in one place or on the go.


Advance Lecture Theaters

GIFT University uses leading teaching aids to make the most of learning. The lecture theatres are designed to be comfortable and resourceful, employing a number of teaching aids such as whiteboards, projection screens, microphones, video projectors and the Internet. By using modern technology, we are able to enrich the learning experience and make the most of the time students spend in lecture theatres. All our lecture theatres are temperature controlled to ensure that students are always comfortable and can focus on what’s being taught.


Student Information System on Mobile App

GIFT realized its vision to be the most technologically advanced University of Pakistan. It is the first University introducing Android and IOS-based Mobile App providing:

  • Ease of access to parents and students
  • Semester registration through mobile phone
  • Accessibility of records like attendance, results, fee statement, timetable, date sheet for parents and students
  • Quick notification about events, important dates, functions
  • Quick availability of information about offered programs, scholarships, facilities and resources, faculty etc.



Resourceful Library

An ever expanding library feeds the student’s inquisitiveness and helps them tap a wealth of knowledge from books by leading authors. The library is frequently updated with the latest books, periodicals, journals and case studies. GIFT library is a great place to work on assignments in a peaceful atmosphere. The library is also connected to the Internet so students can tap an ever increasing database of knowledge.


Digital Library

A digital library helps keep students connected with the most up-to-date journals and helps them in researching their subject matter more thoroughly. It has over 26,000 books, case studies, journal articles and academic videos. The digital library is very useful for the young generation, which is more at home with technology and can use it more effectively to search for the information they need.


Spacious Accommodation for Students

GIFT University has made adequate arrangements for the benefit of students coming from other cities. The university has separate hostels for boys and girls which are well equipped with all modern facilities such as laundry rooms, kitchens, TV lounges, dining facilities and common rooms.


Spacious Mosque

A mosque is available on campus to cater to the religious obligations of students and staff alike. Prayers are regularly offered five times a day under the supervision of an Imam.



The cafeteria is a hotspot that attracts students as well as faculty members. It has been specially designed to be the perfect place to unwind, relax with friends, share the latest gossip and enjoy quality snacks. The quality of food served in the cafeteria is strictly monitored to ensure that it confirms to quality and hygiene standards. The cafeteria serves quality food at subsidized prices to students as well as faculty members.


Resource Centre

The resource centre aims to be a one stop shop where students and staff alike can avail all kinds of additional facilities and study resources. The Resource Centre is a great place to get textbooks, stationery items, photocopy facilities, computer accessories, GIFT souvenirs, book binding services and other everyday items.


High Technology Textile Studios

GIFT University features four high technology studios that have been especially designed to aid students enrolled in textile and design courses. The studios include a design studio, drawing studio for screen printing and concept boards. Swing studio with the latest stitching machines and a weaving studio that instructs students in the basics of weaving. These studios enhance student’s understanding of the textile industry and help them practically test their concept and skills.


Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is a great place for gatherings of up to 125 people. It stays active throughout the year hosting seminars, small events, conferences and other curricular and extra-curricular activities. The seating arrangements are excellent and the hall is equipped with modern audio-visual aids including multimedia projector, projection screen and voice transmission and recording facilities.


Centrally Air-Conditioned Campus

GIFT has built up a comfortable international level infrastructure to provide the best learning environments for the students. The whole building has been centrally air-conditioned with the entire range of classrooms, labs, library, seminal hall, studios, discussion rooms and cafe enveloped in the gentlest of airs, providing a soothing effect on the mind, creating an atmosphere wholly congenial to learning.


Transport Facility

For the convenience of students and staff, GIFT University has a fleet of modern air-conditioned buses that ply on different routes in Gujranwala and surround cities. The buses provide safe and secure transportation facilities from convenient locations around Gujranwala division. The buses adhere to strict schedules to ensure timely pick and drop services.


Fatima Jinnah Transport Service (Door to Door Service, only for females)

For the convience of female students GIFT University has started door to door service for female student only under the umbrella of Fatima Jinnah Transport.

Fatima Jinnah Transport Service (Routes)

  • People’s Colony
  • Delta Road
  • Commissioner Road
  • Noushera Road
  • Model Town
  • Satellite Town
  • Gill Road
  • Hamilton Road
  • Hafizabad Road
  • Shaheen Abad
  • Fareed Town
  • Civil Line
  • Khokherki
  • Baghban Pura
  • Nomania Road
  • Sialkot Road
  • Ameer Park
  • Sui Gas Road
  • Jinnah Road Model Town


Power House

GIFT University has invested heavily in backup systems to ensure that educational pursuits are not affected by power breakdowns. To overcome power outages, GIFT University has installed its own power house that ensures uninterrupted supply of power 24 hours a day. The power house is equipped with high-power generators that automatically switch on in case of a power outage.


Discussion Rooms

Teamwork is greatly emphasized at GIFT and it is a major component of various subjects. Students have to work on various assignments and projects as a team. The university therefore actively supports and facilitates group discussions. Several discussion rooms are available on campus to help students put their heads together and engage one another in discussions.



For the convenience of both faculty and students an ATM machine is installed within the GIFT University Campus. The facility saves the precious time of students and staff as they can make online transactions at campus whenever they want.


Student’s Corner

Student’s corner is a unique project of its kind. Students learn from real life business challenges during their education. The project is conceived to give students confidence and the courage to become further business leaders.