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Masters in Business Administration 3.5 Years

Career Prospects:

Broadly the program is for the student having fourteen years education or has bachelors other than business or accounting can opt for the BSBA program. They can pursue MBA program after completing the BSBA program or opt to go for job market after completion of BSBA. This program provides the knowledge and real-world experience needed for entry level management position in business, government and not-for-profit organizations. Our MBA graduates are groomed enough to formulate, implement and evaluate the business level strategies keeping in mind the multidisciplinary nature of the business and industry. They can analyze various business situations and propose workable solutions to real life business problems. MBA graduate can diagnose the opportunities for entrepreneurial business in national as well as global markets.


Program Description:

The MBA 3½-Years program is intended for those students who have completed fourteen years of education and they wish to acquire an MBA degree. Students with 14 year education will be required to take the deficiency courses before getting themselves enrolled in our MBA courses. However, students who wish to join the job market early can obtain a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) after completing requirements of 2-years of study. A broad mix of teaching methodologies is employed to develop the needed skills in our graduates. These include: formal lectures, case studies, simulations, group discussions, team and individual assignments/presentations, industry visits, seminars and workshops from renowned academics and professionals. Case method of teaching is gaining popularity in the leading business schools around the world. It is considered to be an effective and powerful tool for teaching management courses. Most of the renowned business schools are using it as their primary or secondary method of teaching with great effectiveness. Keeping in view the effectiveness and importance of case method, it has been introduced at all levels in the Business Administration programs with varying emphasis. The highest degree of emphasis is placed in the final year of MBA program where all the courses are delivered through case method.


Program Objectives:

The aim of this program is to provide an exhaustive, meticulous and comprehensive management studies programme with in depth focus in diverse business subjects as Finance, Marketing and HRM. The Programme gives students the strong technical and analytical skills, high moral and ethical values. The programme uses modern teaching pedagogy especially the well known participant based learning to improve decision making skills, communication skills and leadership potential.


Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

All students entering the BSBA program must have completed 14 years of education with an under graduate or graduate degree. The most eligible qualifications for admissions are;
  1. Relevant level NTS test is also acceptable for admissions
  2. Bachelor in Science or Arts ( BA/ BSc) (14 years)
  3. Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com 14 years)
  4. Other relevant equivalent qualification

The students must have attained a minimum CGPA 2.0 in the relevant degree program.


Program Structure:


Structure Courses Credit Hours

Business Core , electives and specialization Courses ( for full 3.5 year)

29 87

Corporate internship


Professional development Program

0 1

Industry Project



29 97


Minimum Eligibility:


The University welcomes applications from students who have successfully completed up to Grade 12 schooling. The more specific criteria follow

  • Relevant level NTS test is also acceptable for admissions
  • Bachelor in Science or Arts ( BA/ BSc) (14 years)
  • Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com 14 years)
  • Other relevant equivalent qualification


The Admission Office at GIFT University deals with the enquiries concerning admissions. The prospective candidates are advised to consult this office during working hours of the University.


General Criteria to Apply

  • The candidate fulfills the eligibility conditions of the program.
  • The candidate must have earned the eligibility qualification from a recognized educational institution.
  • Good proficiency in English language.
  • The candidate has not been debarred on disciplinary grounds during his earlier educational career.

Admission Application

  • Applications for admissions are invited through advertisement in the media. The prospective candidates are advised to obtain the University Prospectus, Application Form and Admission Schedule from the Admissions Office. They may make queries to the officer on duty for further information.
  • Admission Application should be submitted together with all required documents within the prescribed time limit in the Student Affairs Centre Admissions Office.
  • Online Applicants can apply just by filling the required fields of Online Application Form. Their documents will be verified at the day of admissions test and interview.
  • After admission test and interview, the Admission Committee will advise the successful candidates to deposit fee and other dues in the Accounts Office within the specified time limit.
  • On payment of fee and dues, the Accounts Office will issue the Registration Number to the candidate. at least two days prior to the commencement of the semester.


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