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Promotion of the sports is the promotion of the education as the sports are the natural way of physical activities and the part and parcel of general education which makes an individual physically fit, mentally /intellectually alert and develop psychologically well balanced dashing personality with excellent character and consequently the exemplary full of life good citizens. Organized sports activities develop amongst the players the qualities of teamwork, control on body movements as well as on passions of aggression, endurance with the catharses of hidden ambitions and to discover the intrinsic qualities desired by the challenging sports events and games. The major benefits of the sports is to bring out the student in the play ground to utilize their extra energy and to exhaust them physically in the play ground instead of indulging themselves into indoor destructive and negative activities initiated by the present media, misuse of internet and other dangerous night awakening activities which is telling upon the health and character of our young generation, the expected leaders of the future. In order to push the sports and to achieve better results, there is a great need to make reforms in the sports policy. The sports contesting universities have given relaxation to the sportsmen/women not only in attendance but also financing them in education with sound packages on wining the medals in various games and sports.