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Society of Home Economics Skills

Society of Home Economics Skills, SHES is aimed at providing a platform to practice, project and propose the advancement in Home Economics fields. Its covers the activities related to Food and Nutrition, Home Management and Interior Design, Child Development, Clothing and Textiles along with Art and Design. Being the equally important pillar of the society, women have the right and responsibility to take active participation and leading contribution in society progress and development. The women’s role as daughter, sister, mother, wife, and mother is critical in developing nation’s orientation. At the same time women strives to be successful in professional field as a best employee, businesswomen and entrepreneur. SHES has unique positions as it serves as a link between academia and society by providing training sessions, awareness seminars, professional workshops and entrepreneurial exhibitions for women. The platform integrates the women from different segments of the society to build a focused, cohesive and skilled force to eradicate the decadence of stereotypical judgments about women in the Pakistani society.