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Success in Nascon’17: A Landslide Victory | GIFT University

Success in Nascon’17: A Landslide Victory

Students of GIFT University participated at Nascon’17, a national level event hosted by FAST NU Islamabad. Universities like NUST, LUMS, GIKI, PIEAS and PUCIT competed in this event. A number of competitions were held in which students from all over Pakistan participated to show their skills and creativity.

More than 40 participants from GIFT University competed in this event under supervision of GUTS (GIFT University Tech Society). They displayed their prominence among more than 8000 participants from all over Pakistan.

Sheikh Zain-ul-Abideen, the ambassador to NASCON’17 from GIFT University, displayed excellent management and leadership skills due to which the teams of GIFT University were able to perform their best at this national level event and made us proud.

The team from GIFT University which participated in “Speed Programming” (Zain Sheikh, Sayed Tanveer Shah and Muhammad Basit) secured the 1st position in the competition.  This is the third time in a row that we have won this competition at NASCON’17. It showcased the impressive skills of the students and the hard work of the teachers behind them.

Another achievement at NASCON’17 was the 1st position obtained by the students of GIFT University EE (Electronic Engineering) Department in the Robo Race Contest. Our talented students Hammad Farooqi, Abdul Attique, Shahzaad Hamid Raza, and Kamran amazed everyone by completing the Robo race within just 1 minute and 03 seconds. They displayed extraordinary skills in robotics and awed everyone.

Another team of GIFT University Nauman Hassan, Shehriyar Tariq and Ali Asad secured the 2nd position in Computer Science Quiz and made us proud.

By participating in such events the students develop self-confidence and get a chance to display and enhance their skills as well as get a chance to get exposure to the real world.

We congratulate the GUTS Society for their victory at this national level event and hope that they will keep on participating and winning such competitions. 

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