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Debating Competition

A debating competition has been organized under GIFT Debating and Public Speaking Society (GDPSS) in the University. The purpose of competition was to encourage students for public speaking and for increasing their communication skills.

The students were also given the opportunity by participating in competitions locally, nationally and internationally. Candidates captured the attention of the audience by their forceful speeches and the audience also appreciated the efforts of young debaters.

Debate competition was done in both Urdu and English. Topics included:

.سیکولرازم گمراہی ہے یا مسائل کا خوبصورت حل

.ہے دل کے لیے موت مشینوں کی حکومت

احساسِ مروت کو کچل دیتے ہیں آلات

.مردوں کے اگر شانہ بشانہ چلے عورت

کچھ اور وہ بن جاتی ہے، عورت نہیں رہتی

کیا ہم سچ میں 14 اگست کے بعد سے آزاد ہیں؟



1. Money is more important than love.

2. Death penalty is essential for justice or it should be banned?

3. The worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship.

4. Secularism is a bane or blessing? 

5. Is Social media destroying our social lives?

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