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Social Integration Program

The Social Integration Program-previously known as the Social Internship Program (SIP) of the GIFT University Gujranwala emphasizes the value of service with others, rather than the commonly accepted concept of service to others. The goal is to create "better communities" in the Region by encouraging students to serve their communities. The program also aims to promote active citizenship by making social action a fundamental part of every student’s life.  The program is currently conceived as 3 credit hour program for all undergraduate associate degree programs students. This program establishes its linkage with our National Education Policy-2009 that recognizes the community services as “Social Sector Industry” and is aligned with the HEC’s Social Integration Outreach Program.

Based on the Vision “From the Community-to the Community” the goal of the programme is to “build vibrant communities that are creative, innovative, inclusive and self reliant; where participation in community life is enabled and encouraged” By involving students in the participatory community development processes we help them to educate for excellence in social work practice by achieving the following learning outcomes:

Sr.# Key Dimension Student’s Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


The student obtains extensive and varied opportunities to utilize and build upon the theoretical and empirical knowledge.


Professional Identity

The student develops a professional identity as a social worker that is characterized by competence in a broad range of social work skills, knowledge, and values


Student Engagement in the Learning Process

The student actively engages in the learning process and develops the capacity to reflect on the work and make active use of supervision and other feedback


Internal Awareness of Self

The student develops a self-reflective and reflexive stance, which includes a growing awareness of self with clients, staff, and larger systems, in relation to practice.


Philosophy of Practice

The student develops a philosophy towards practice that recognizes the interdependence between the individual and the environment, the critical importance of the worker-client relationship, the complexity of the human condition, and an appreciation and respect for differences between people.


Social Problem Analysis

The student develops the ability to identify, analyze, and respond to critical social problems and to understand the impact they have on clients.


Collaboration and critical Thinking

While serving the communities the students are able to develop and demonstrate the skills of critical thinking and develop the ability to work collaboratively with other professionals and the community at large in his/her role as a professional social worker.


The program evolves as a platform where faith and action, service and learning, research and resolve intersect. This is 3 credit hours program. The students are sent to various community services organizations of the region to experience hands-on knowledge and skills in the social services and social learning. The students not only learn about organizational diversity, dynamics, culture, opportunities but more importantly understand the role they are responsible to perform in these organizations to execute social services initiatives. Every student has to spend 72 hours with the organization and we ensure that this cycle is sustainable throughout the year.

From Social Internship Program to Social Integration Program

Program name has been changed from Social Internship Program to Social Integration Program. Also, the academic value of the program has been increased to 3 credit hours from 1 Credit Hour.


New Eligible Students for Social Integration Program

All students of the 2-Years Masters Programs at GIFT shall now be registering in the Social Integration Program


Orientation Sessions for Summer Integration Program 2016 – 2017

Orientation Sessions of students for the Summer Integration Program 2016-2017 will be held by the end of July, 2016. Eligible students will be notified for their registration process through email soon.


Social Integration Program Coordinator

Ms. Ayesha Omer has joined GIFT as Coordinator for the Social Integration Program.Ms. Ayesha is a graduate in IT with hands-on experience in program management and development.

And it completely changed my thoughts

“My social internship made me realize the extreme level of poverty, hunger, and problems prevailing in this world. Patients do not have a desire to visit the hospital but are forced by their illness.

All these activities had a lot of impact on me, I understood the worth and significance of this life.”


Bilal Tariq
Internee-BSc AF,8TH Semester

A Life Lived For Others

“We are sent down to this earth for the purpose of helping others, as they say a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”.


Nida Hanif
Internee-BSSE, 3RD Semester

He Was Not An Orphan

“It was really heart breaking to see the increasing amount of children coming to the organization without the title of being an orphan, their parents left them to get rid off their responsibility, this is not why Allah blessed them with a child.”


Ahsan Ali
Internee-BBA, 3rd Semester

They taught me how to save a life

“Before training, I thought that it is just a formality to do social internship and all these things will not be beneficial for me, and I thought that I knew all these basic things, but I was wrong. I learnt to handle medical emergencies like giving first aid to a victim of a road accident. Be it a case of poison intake or epilepsy.

Now I am capable to provide first aid and help the society. Capabilities like these have motivated me to learn the essentials of medical assistance and how worthy our lives are. And for this purpose I’m highly thankful to my University for allowing me to learn so much with Rescue 1122.”


Bilal Ahmed
Internee-BSCS, 4th Semester

Tahir Basir

Director CSR

PGD, Media & Communication Studies (University of Oslo, Norway)
MA, Mass Communication (University of Punjab, Lahore)


Ayesha Omer

Coordinator SIP

BS (Hons) Information Technology (University of Punjab, Lahore)



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