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B. Ed. (1-1/2-Years)/Bachelor in Education

Program Objectives:

The program provides:

  1. To prepare professional at graduate and post graduate levels in the discipline of Education/Teaching studies for realizing the national goals of progressive and sustainable society.
  2. Develop high quality professionals and behavioral scientists that are committed to pursuit of excellence and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication.
  3. Improve academic standard in this region through the generation, assimilation, and dissemination of teaching skills.
  4. Make a significant and meaning-full contribution towards the social and academic standard of Pakistan through development of these human resources.
  5. Integrating academic, research and development activities, among the nation builders and reformers, in the larger national interest.

Program Description:

This is a special program for teachers in service, to enhance their professional competence and academic proficiency, for a bright career. The emerging need of developed human resources, with higher qualities of leadership, is obvious in the field of education at national level. The society demands personnel who have sound professional and academic background in the field of education and teaching. This program provides such academic opportunities to teachers; to meet the need of the hour. It is aimed at providing education and training facilities to teachers, administrators and master graduates in the field of education and training.


Career Opportunities:

This degree is crown for academic leaders and the teachers in service. Every teacher need it for a bright future. Bachelors in Education is basically beneficial for nation builders in the form of teachers; working in different academic subjects. This is an advanced level study for professionals waiting for their further learning and selection or promotion in the same fields. This degree will enhance the future employment opportunities of the youth, seeking jobs, and will enrich the faculties of those who are already employed as teachers and are waiting for higher ranks in the profession.


Eligibility Criteria:

MA/MSc/ BA /B. Sc./B A Hon (4-Year)/ BS (4 Years) with minimum second division.


Program Structure:


Structure Courses Credit Hours

Foundation Courses

3 9

Specialization Courses

4 12

Professional Competence Courses

8 24

Teaching Practice

2 6

Research Project

1 3


18 54


Minimum Eligibility:


MA/MSc/ BA /B. Sc./B A Hon (4-Year)/ BS (4 Years) with minimum second division.


The Admission Office at GIFT University deals with the enquiries concerning admissions. The prospective candidates are advised to consult this office during working hours of the University.


General Criteria to Apply

  • Relevant level NTS test is also acceptable for admissions
  • The candidate fulfills the eligibility conditions of the program.
  • The candidate must have earned the eligibility qualification from a recognized educational institution.
  • Good proficiency in English language.
  • The candidate has not been debarred on disciplinary grounds during his earlier educational career.

Admission Application

  • Applications for admissions are invited through advertisement in the media. The prospective candidates are advised to obtain the University Prospectus, Application Form and Admission Schedule from the Admissions Office. They may make queries to the officer on duty for further information.
  • Admission Application should be submitted together with all required documents within the prescribed time limit in the Student Affairs Centre Admissions Office.
  • Online Applicants can apply just by filling the required fields of Online Application Form. Their documents will be verified at the day of admissions test and interview.
  • After admission test and interview, the Admission Committee will advise the successful candidates to deposit fee and other dues in the Accounts Office within the specified time limit.
  • On payment of fee and dues, the Accounts Office will issue the Registration Number to the candidate. at least two days prior to the commencement of the semester.


Programs Offered

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