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Aj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu

Aj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu is a famous dirge by the extolled Punjabi writer and poet Amrita Pritam  about the abhorrence of the partition of the Punjab during the 1947 Partition of India. The poem is addressed to the historic Punjabi poet Waris Shah , who had written the most popular version of the Punjabi love tragedy, Heer Ranjha. It appeals to Waris Shah to arise from his grave, register the Punjab's tragedy and turn over a new page in Punjab's history.

GIFT University organized a stage drama Aj Akhan Waris Shah Nu with the collaboration of sufi Tabassum Acadamy. Sufi Gulzar Tabassum the son of Sufi Ghulam Tabassum was the writer of this Play. Dr Fouzia Tabassum the grand daughter of sufi Ghulam Tabassum produced the play and it was directed by her husband Agha Shahid. It was comedy play having a very serious theme of True Ishaq by Warish Shah. All the characters were very intense with their grip over the concept. Students faculty and audience not only enjoyed but also conceived the core concept of this play. It was a true depiction of current era.

At the end Rector of GIFT University and Chairman Sb paid thanks to Dr. Fouzia Tabassum and her team and presented them souvenirs.

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